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Raising Awareness of the Forgotten Wappinger Hamlet

History of Swartwoutville and its founding settler

   In 1760, Jacobus Swartwout purchased 3,000 acres of land from Madam Brett and built his first home after his wedding to Aaltje Brinkerhoff.

  In 1775 at Jacob Griffin's Tavern in Swartwoutville (now a historical ruin) there was a Rendezvous there about the Revolutionary War by the Committee of Safety and at the meeting they named Swartwout's farm (which was used to feed the troops stationed at the nearby Fishkill Supply Depot) a village, Swartwoutville. These meetings here defines the role this county played during the American Revolution. George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Baron von Stueben, and Israel Putnam all visited the hamlet during the Revolution.

  In the 1800s Swartwoutville was in its "heyday" and was more than just a farm at that point.The village consisted of Swartwoutville District School No. 7, several flourishing stores, a blacksmith shop, the Swartwout Family Burial Ground, and Moccasin Hill's farm lands. In 1875 the Town of Wappinger was formed and just years before that the Village of Wappingers Falls was also formed which led to many people moving to the Village of Wappingers Falls were all the new jobs were located. This led to Swartwoutville becomeing a hunting ground until the 1950s when the Cedar Hill - Pine Ridge Civic Association was formed to develop the Moccasin Hill  part of the hamlet. In 2009 I decided to try to raise awareness of the Forgotten Wappinger Hamlet.

  Jacobus Swartwout II was born on November 5th, 1734 in Wiccopee (Fishkill), N.Y. He began his military training in 1754 under Lord Jeffery Amherst at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point during the French & Indian War. In the 1770s when the American Revolution started he became a captain and a colonel for the Dutchess County Militia Unit. By the middle of the war he became a Brigadier General ,which is one of the highest military positions in Dutchess County. By the end of the war Swartwout became interested in civil rights and government. In 1788 he became a delegate for the United States Constitutional Convention in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. but voted against the document because he thought it needed the Bill of Rights. In 1824 he rode on horseback to Lafayette's banquet and was his guest of honor. On February 16th, 1827 Jacobus Swartwout passed away leaving a legacy behind.

  Today Swartwoutville remains unknown to many people and I am trying to let its history be known, If you would like to donate to the Swartwoutville Fund which will be used to place signs at the 6 entrances of the historic hamlet, click Donate. Swartwoutville is in the southeast corner of the Town of Wappinger. Thank You!

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“Swartwoutville is intimately connected with some of the dearest and most sacred of Revolutionary activities.


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