People of Swartwoutville People of Swartwoutville Poughkeepsie Post Office Mural Jacobus Swartwout is pictured among the rest of New York's founding fathers. Photo by the Swarthout Family 160503463 John Lorimer Worden Worden was incharge of the Monitor (a Civil War Ironclad Ship) during the Civil War. He lived in Swartwoutville until after the war he moved to Pawling, New York. Photo from Wikipedia 163965723 General Jacobus Swartwout This portrait was done around his early 90s late 80s. It captures a local, and national hero who shall not be forgotten. 173938181 Residents on 1912 bridge In 1912 a new bridge was constructed over Sprout Creek for Main St. (N.Y.S. Route 82). The bridge was torn down and replaced in January 2012. This is the only postcard of the hamlet. 175654232